Programme 2021

Workshop / Jeux

Choreography of walking

In this workshop we will research how we walk in the street, and look at it as a very specific, personal choreography of walking. What directs our movements? How is our way of walking influenced by how someone moves, is seen, is expected to move, the laws, the way the light falls, the narrowness, crowdedness, steepness of a street, the walking rythm that surrounds us? After learning about each others personal choreographies, we will develop a new choreography that can exist in the street.

The workshop is proposed by Floor van Leeuwen (1984), a mimographer and co-founder of the physical theater collective Schwalbe (2008-2020). Their work is characterized by a research in collective movement. Their style is minimalistic and energetic; a seemingly simple act can find a poetic depth in the duration and interaction between individuals. With Schwalbe they made Schwalbe zoekt Massa (Schwalbe is looking for crowds, 2014), a performance in which the interaction between individual and mass was investigated and up to 100 new participants participated per performance. In 2019 they made Muur (Wall) with a group of circus artists, mimers, dancers and amateur movers. Since the Covid-19 pandemic they is collaborating with visual artist Artúr van Balen of Tools for Action, social designer Roberto Perèz Gayo, dancer Simomo Bouj and many others on Ræv Rehearsal. With Bluetooth speakers and a techno beat, they move through the city like a radiating dancing swarm. Stairs, roundabouts and benches become temporary stages. How to interact with each other, the traffic, the architecture and the local residents? How do you initiate patterns of movement in crowds? Which movements unleash energy and a sense of freedom? (Insta: @raevingswarm)

Workshop by Floor van Leeuwen as part of Studio Seebach. Sensing Space, ETH Zurich © Philippe Vandenbroeck


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In the central hall of Brussels North, we meet at the stairs that lead up, next to the MacDonalds restaurant

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Rue du Progrès 76
1030 Schaarbeek

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