15  23 
October 2022

The curatorial team

BC – short for Brussels Cooperation – is BC architects & studies & materials.

BC is a hybrid practice consisting of an architecture firm (BC Architects), an experimental and educational lab (BC Studies) and a cooperative producing circular materials (BC materials) from waste and residue streams. BC aims to reshape the construction process by experimenting and building in different contexts and with different programmes, actors, techniques and partnerships. The team always works in direct symbiosis with the environment, local resources, residue streams, craftspeople, workers and designers. BC aims to continually push the boundaries of building culture while incorporating geographical contexts, processes and techniques.
Founded and based in Brussels (but enriched by experiences and insights from abroad), BC believes that cities – and this city in particular – should be more than just 'consumers', importing materials from far-away places and dumping them in far-away places after use. BC is also a producer (the productive city) and a recycler that recovers and creates value from its assets (so-called 'waste'), fostering prosperity and well-being for people and society and having a positive impact on the environment.

Core team for archiweek 2022:
Chloë Ballyn, Laurens Bekemans, Anton Maertens, Henri Uijtterhaegen, Jasper Van der Linden

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