10  19 
October 2021


Architectures and environments that support and inspire their users, owners, and visitors to unlearn and change habits. We look at a series of projects in Brussels that can lead the way, thanks to their approach to ownership, flexibility, and ability to provoke people to come together and meet.


Projects that question the mainstream types of ownership and experiment with new or different types. In search for affordability, (bio-)diversity, a sense of collectiveness or shared identity, new building practices arise and ultimately different outcomes.


Projects that experiment with a changeable programme. Buildings, both new and old, are structures that can house multiple uses. Considering unknown futures, they present and open endedness that program-based architecture does not allow for.


Projects that inspire people to gather in the city: to celebrate, to protest, to play, to care, to work, to eat, to drink, or to disappear in the crowd. Brussels counts several examples of places to gather, across social groups, in new and re-purposed buildings.

Everyone is invited to join guided tours in the selected projects during the weekend of 16 and 17 October.

Programme guided tours

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