10  19 
October 2021


The formats are simple and engaging---walking tours, performances and activities in which everyone can participate and get to know unexpected corners of and stories about Brussels. The games take place on different locations in the city, from Saturday 9 to Sunday 17 October.

Programme games


Concept: Roxane Le Grelle, Dieter Leyssen, Alessandro Cugola, Chloé Nachtergael

Advice: Aya Akbib, Arya Arabshahi, Oscar Broeckhoven, Gianmarco Causi, Seppe De Blust, Eva De Bruyn, Flore Fockedey, Yann Gueguen, Sotiria Kornaropoulou, Giulia Massenz, Wim Menten, Mickaël Minghetti, Mathilde Pecqueur, Rohan Patankar, Freek Persyn, Sebastien Roy, Harold Vermeiren, Kevin Westerveld

Participants: Emma Bourguignon, Zoe Brennan, Gaia Carabillo, Diana Dede, Kalem Di Domenico, Rodrigo Garcia, Eff Libilbéhéty, Kimon Persyn, Zoë Persyn, Eva Petráková, Anastasia Shibanova, Linn Tramm, Julia Wielgus and Xabier Wins

Assistance: Milenca Persoons, Aya Akbib, Sophie Brewaeys

Photography: Sepideh Farvardin

© Sepideh Farvardin