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October 2022

Brussels is mine - Reloading our building culture? by BC architects & studies & materials - 20 October 2022 at

With the theme 'Brussels is mine' and our selection of projects, this year we - curator of this year's archiweek - are highlighting the circular use of materials within a construction process. Before we get started, we will gladly take a step back during the opening evening and expand our view on the entire building process, from first chalk line to dismantling. We kick off archiweek 2022 with a richly-filled evening of debate.

Reloading – we would like to know where the so-called transition is lagging and why we have to wait so long for it? 'Reloading' also refers to what has been and to what is at hand. Can we retake these historical and vernacular techniques and is this enough to distance ourselves from the current status quo?

Building culture - we frame the ecosystem within which we engage. A system made up of processes and various links. The importance of acting as one team, ranging from policy-maker to contractor. Are all noses pointing in the same direction? Is our society and collective perception ready to embrace the changeover?

Architectural engineer Ine Wouters will inaugurate the evening with research on the history of reuse in Brussels.
Véronique Patteeuw will lead the debate and our imagination will be stimulated thanks to live drawings by Matilde Everaert.
Afterwards, drinks and music can be enjoyed at the bar.

Our guests:

  • Corentin Dalon (Bento)
  • Camille Mommer (Natura Mater)
  • Jean Garcin (Karbon')
  • Pascal Smet (Secretary of State of the Brussels-Capital Region)
  • Pieter Broekaert (Democo)

Véronique Patteeuw - writer, researcher and lecturer at the École Nationale Supérieure d'Architecture et du Paysage Lille and guest lecturer at KU Leuven and EPFL. Her research focuses on the theory and history of postmodern architecture.

Matilde Everaert - architect at Saffir and lecturer at KU Leuven. In 2017, she was laureate of East Flemish Visual Arts. In her work, she balances between architecture and visual art

Ine Wouters - professor at the Faculty of Engineering Sciences at VUB with 'construction history' and 'renovation of built heritage' as her main research area. Her historical insights often serve as inspiration to address current issues.

Pascal Smet - politician and State Secretary of the Brussels Capital Region for Town Planning and Heritage. He has one great driving force and inspiration for his work in Brussels, the city itself.

Pieter Broekaert - branch director in Brussels for the construction company DEMOCO. As an experienced contractor, he knows better than anyone how Brussels sites and projects run and what the real challenges are within the building culture.

Jean Garcin - architect of cooperative Karbon' and professor at ISACF La Cambre. With their numerous projects within the Brussels architectural world, Karbon' possesses a broad knowledge of bio-sourcing & circular construction principles and knows where the pitfalls and difficulties lie.

Camille Mommer - materials expert and co-founder of Natura Mater. Together with her team, her mission is to bring sustainable building materials out of their niche and ease the transition of one of the most polluting sectors.

Corentin Dalon - architect and co-founder of architecture collective Bento. Through architecture, the young collective explores the uses of mycelium. Among other things, Bento is winner of the Europan 16 prize and, together with Vinciane Despret, curator of the Belgian pavilion at the 18th Venice Architecture Biennale.

Practical information
Bar open: 18:30
Debate: 19:30
End of the debate: 20:30-21:00



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