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Vanden Eeckhoudt-Creyf architectes

Architects (ISACF La Cambre and ISA St-Luc BXL) since 1997, Nicolas Vanden Eeckhoudt and Laurence Creyf joined forces in 2005 to form Vanden Eeckhoudt - Creyf architectes. Since then, they have been carrying out projects of various scales and programs together, from social to cultural, from individual houses to housing complexes.

Perhaps the common thread running through our various projects lies in our very simple approach to architecture. We try to follow up on all the leads launched by our clients in order to produce a project whose result we would not have suspected at the start of our mission. We approach urban planning regulations in the same way, trying to deviate from them as little as possible, while playing with their limits. We prefer to deal with the contradictions that they may imply and take advantage of their rigidity to justify our action, we try to achieve something strange and original but particularly logical whose success also lies in the surprise that it has given us. procured. Most of our interior spaces are worked with timeless classic natural materials, for their logic and functionality.


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