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Usquare Feder

Construction team: BC architects & studies, EVR-architecten, Callebaut architecten, VK architects & engineers
Implementation: in progress
be.exemplary 2019 winner is the conversion of the former Ixelles/Elsene gendarmerie barracks into an open, mixed and multifunctional district, welcoming in particular the ULB and VUB communities. Based on a detailed analysis of the elements present on-site, the renovation project, led by the SAU/MSI for the Brussels Capital Region, seeks to enhance the qualities of the existing heritage. As the first stage in a complete renovation of the site, the project for the buildings on the Boulevard Général Jacques and the Avenue de la Couronne, supported by the universities, embodies a thoroughly circular approach and will also serve as a model for later construction phases on the site.   The dismantling of several neighbouring buildings provides the project with 'waste streams' that can be converted into repurposed raw materials. For example, bricks and glazing are being reused and other raw materials recycled and used as flooring. New building materials are bio-based, such as (acoustic) clay plasters and hempcrete. In this way, the project manages to greatly reduce the inflow and outflow of building materials, thus reducing CO2 emissions.

This project was carried out with the support of the ERDF programme of the European Commission and the Brussels-Capital Region.

Important: The project is currently in progress. Please wear solid heavy soled shoes, boots or work shoes. Heels should be avoided. A hard hat will be provided at the site entrance.
This tour is not suitable for children, people with reduced mobility.

The visit on Saturday 22.10.2022 at 10:00 will be given by the architect.

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Avenue Fritz Toussaint/Fritz Toussaintstraat 8
1050 Ixelles/Elsene

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