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Sélection des commissaires / visite guidée / geo-sourcing / bio-sourcing

Rouge-Cloître/Rood Klooster

Implementation: 14th century

Rouge-Cloître/Rood Klooster was founded early in the second half of the 14th century. Its strategic location was a key factor in the construction of the priory: a self-sufficient life with the necessary resources nearby was not only simpler but also avoided unnecessary transport and logistics costs. The same logic still applies today.   On the tour, visitors will discover one of the oldest oak roof structures in Brussels, sourced from the surrounding woods. The sandstone was quarried from the nearby hills. It was only later, when the priory became wealthier, that materials such as blue limestone were imported.

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Rue du Rouge-Cloître/Rood-Kloosterstraat 4
1160 Auderghem/Oudergem

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