Program 2021

Guided tour / Comingtogether

Parc Pannenhuis/Pannenhuispark

Team: Landinzicht Landschapsarchitecten Paysagistes, Baukunst, Maat ontwerpers

The new-look Parc Pannenhuis/Pannenhuispark was opened in 2020 in the track bed of the former L28 railway line. The park links Parc Tour & Taxis/Park Tour & Taxis to Laeken/Laken's old town square, providing a key connection for soft and active mobility. The new park builds on its past: virtually every choice made by the landscape designers exudes its railway heritage. Playgrounds were created using old rail tracks, the high-voltage infrastructure of yesteryear has been repurposed to serve as lanterns lighting the pathway, and the design of the pedestrian bridge connecting the track bed to the city higher up derives its inspiration from the concrete girders in such beds.

The park is a space not only for people but also for flora and fauna. One side of the bed is given over to nature, and the other to games and sporting activities in a green setting. This gives rise to some surprising forms of recreation and interaction. This park clearly challenges traditional conceptualisations of a playground. The site's specific character – its materials, topography and railway heritage – creates an environment that invites visitors of all ages to get moving.

The visit on 16.10.2021 at 11:00 will be given by the architect.

Séverin Malaud ©


Meeting place

Exit from the Pannenhuis metro station (line 6)

Address of the visit

Rue Charles Demeer/Charles Demeerstraat 69
1020 Laeken/Laken

Practical informations

PRM access
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