Program 2022

Guided tour / urban-sourcing / Sélection des commissaires

MolenWest Square

Construction team: 1010 architecture urbanism i.s.m. Holger Schröder and JZH partners
Implementation: 2020

Along Chaussée de Ninove/Ninoofsesteenweg, a stone's throw from Bruxelles-Ouest/Brussel-West station, sits an eye-catching temporary structure. A series of containers linking open-fronted spaces spanned by arched roofs provide a safe, sheltered environment that contrasts with the hard and frenetic urban surroundings. This temporary project is a space where neighbourhood groups can organise activities for children and local residents.

Befitting its transient nature, the architects designed a structure that can be easily dismantled and is made from recycled materials. Simplicity of construction was important, so that everyone could lend a hand with the build. The 'unfinished' look was also a deliberate choice in this busy neighbourhood, giving young people the opportunity to help shape the space and make it their own.

The whole family is welcome: there is a small football pitch, a water course, a climbing wall and a colouring area with pavement chalk for the little ones (no supervision provided).

The visit on Saturday 22.10.2022 at 14:30 will be given by the architect.

Séverin Malaud ©


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Rue Alphonse Vandenpeereboom/ Alphonse Vandenpeereboomstraat 193
1080 Molenbeek-Saint-Jean/Sint-Jans-Molenbeek

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