Program 2021

Guided tour / Flexibility / Comingtogether


Team: 1010 a+u; JZH & Partners

How can a large-scale, ambitious urban renewal project have a positive impact on its neighbourhood, even in the short term? With the master plan for Bruxelles-Ouest/Brussel-West station and the surrounding area, the Brussels-Capital Region is aiming to ensure the ready availability of amenities, public space and affordable housing by leveraging new projects on the vacant plots of land next to the rail tracks. However, this is a long-term project and the neighbourhood has pressing needs right now.

To address this challenge, the Region started seeking out partners for developing a vacant piece of land next to the station into a social and cultural hub, with an emphasis on children and young people. Thanks to the efforts of various residents' associations and the architects from 1010 architecture urbanism (1010 a+u), this space has in no time become a focal point for the neighbourhood. The architecture, with its use of containers and roof structures that can be easily dismantled, is temporary and portable, but it is above all playful and appeals to the imagination. Beneath the large temporary roofs, all kinds of recreational activities and events take place, with this space hosting a makeshift climbing wall, neighbourhood parties and dance-club sessions, to name but a few. Discover this pop-up public space and also learn more about the urban developments around this location – or visit one of the other projects in the area (Infrabel Academy and Decoratelier).

The visits on 16.10.2021 and 17.10.2021 at 14:00 will be given by the architect.

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Rue Alphonse Vandenpeereboom/ Alphonse Vandenpeereboomstraat 193
1080 Molenbeek-Saint-Jean/Sint-Jans-Molenbeek

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