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Make your own clay brick with soil from Brussels yards!

Building requires the extraction of soil as a first step. This is difficult to stockpile and polluting to transport. Belgium digs about 37 million tonnes out of building sites every year and 70% of this is thrown away as waste. Moreover, construction is the most polluting human activity, responsible for 40% of CO2 emissions, air pollution and resource use and 30% of waste, while bringing only 4% of economic activity.
BC materials transforms clean soil from construction sites into local building materials such as loam plasters, earth blocks and rammed earth for walls and floors. These products are circular, CO2-neutral, provide a healthy indoor climate and contain minimal grey energy.

For archiweek, CIVA in collaboration with BC materials is organising a mini-construction site where both children and adults discover the possibilities of our local earth. Brussels has sand, loam and clay in abundance. Come discover for yourself the potential of these materials by manipulating the earth, producing clay bricks or bricklaying a wall!

Ongoing activity 10am-5pm.
If you are interested in delving deeper, you can join one of the Research & Development workshops at 11am, 1pm and 3pm.

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