Program 2022

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La ville informelle - The informal city - De informele stad (Full)

The (in)formal urban fabric

Often perceived as characteristics of the cities of the South, informal dynamics also unfold in the European capitals, such as Brussels. During the visits and lectures, experts and will discuss the variety of processes, squats, alternative access to jobs, etc. that co-construct the urban fabric and attempt to implement the right to the city.

During this walk through the northern district, we will observe the tensions between urban projects and the networks of globalisation that bring new forms of appropriation and uses of spaces.

This walk is organised as part of the cycle of conferences/walks "The informal city". A collaboration between the KANAL Foundation and Brussels Academy.

With Tim Cassiers (Bral) & Marie Trossart (UCL)


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Marion Berzin
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Address of the visit

Av. du Port 1
1000 Bruxelles


  • Sélection des commissaires
  • Agency visit
  • New in town
  • Sustainable Architecture
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