Program 2022

Guided tour / geo-sourcing / bio-sourcing / Sélection des commissaires

Jupiter House

Construction team: V+
Implementation: 2022
be.exemplary 2019 winner  

Maison Jupiter (Jupiter House) is a perfect example of how to renovate a Brussels town house in a sustainable and low-tech way. The architects opted for a smart, low-key layout that makes the most of the beautiful garden. Functionality, flexibility and sustainability were core values in the design, and the result is living proof that it is possible to combine the local sharing economy with a high-quality aesthetic.  

The architects opted wherever possible for bio-based building materials rather than materials with a high carbon footprint. The flooring is insulated with hemp blocks and the roof with compressed straw panels, while the structural materials include timber from the Sonian Forest. These are just a few of the many sustainable techniques that will be on show during the visit.

© Maxime Delvaux


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Address of the visit

Avenue Jupiter/Jupiterlaan 172
1190 Forest/Vorst

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