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Guided tour / Sustainable Architecture


Winner of a 2019 be.exemplary prize, the Jolly project arose out of the Reine-Progrès Sustainable Neighbourhood Contract (2012-2016). It is an acquire-and-sell project which the non-profit organization Habitat & Humanisme acquired in 2018 with a view to transforming an infill site in Schaerbeek into housing units. The building is sustainability oriented, not only in terms of the materials used (in this case, cross-laminated timber, or CLT) but also in terms of supporting tenants by providing nine high-quality housing units and a real chance at reintegration via Habitat & Humanisme campaigns and thanks to the generous architecture designed by the firm époc architecture, specifically the garden, the various types of apartments and the multipurpose room with its toy and games library.

The tour will include a brief presentation of other nearby Sustainable Neighbourhood Contract projects: Jolly/Gaucheret and Destouvelles/Gaucheret. It will end near those projects in the Parc de la Senne/Zennepark, which was developed under the Masui Sustainable Neighbourhood Contract (2010-2014) and involved redeveloping an old riverbed of a branch of the Senne/Zenne. The project covers three blocks, between Rue des Palais/Paleizenstraat and Avenue de l'Héliport/Helihavenlaan, providing residents with a green and biodiversity-friendly recreational space in this densely built-up part of Brussels.

The guided tour will be led by:

  • Nicolas Boroukhoff, Director, RenovaS
  • Fabian Pirard, Project Manager, Habitat & Humanisme
  • Alexis Chatelier, Architect, époc architecture

Practical information

The tour will be given in French and Dutch.

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Rue Jolly/Jollystraat 170-172
1030 Schaerbeek/Schaarbeek

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