Program 2022

Guided tour / geo-sourcing / urban-sourcing / Sélection des commissaires

House at Chaussée d'Alsemberg/Alsembergsesteenweg 951

Construction team: ICI architectes
Implementation: 2022

This redevelopment project in Uccle/Ukkel is the perfect example of how a typically neglected industrial building in Brussels can be transformed into a passive home and workspace. The architect and owner of the house based his design on circular principles.

The tour will showcase uses of mineral building materials from Brussels earthworks, including clay plaster for the walls and rammed earth for the floor. The owner has also made inventive use of reclaimed materials, such as a steel skeleton to create new spaces within the property.

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Address of the visit

Chaussée d'Alsemberg/Alsembergsesteenweg 951
1180 Uccle/Ukkle

  • Project nominated for the Brussels Architecture Prize
  • Sustainable Architecture
  • New in town
  • Agency visit
  • Partner