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House at Chaussée d'Alsemberg/Alsembergsesteenweg 1366

Architect: Dimitri Fache, USAGES srl
Implementation: 2021-2023

Architecture, urbanism, spatial planning, landscapes are, by extension, the reflections of our our behaviors. These must be profoundly rethought in order to reduce the impact of the unsustainable pressure they exert on the environment that host us. In this project of renovation of a joint house of the years 1960, the transformation of spaces, their materiality, the convened techniques try to establish a new desirable correspondence with the environments and the whole of the living. It is a question of inhabiting the world with a more moderate footprint.

The architects experiment with natural and reused materials. Three cooperatives of local industries are involved. The Brussels timber company "Sonian wood Coop", which relocates the exploitation of wood from the Forest Soignes, BC materials which transforms loam plaster from excavations of construction sites in Brussels, and Rotor DC is involved with reusable construction materials. Of course, during the transformation, the house is first considered as a deposit of materials whose reuse on site and off site is privileged.

The visit on Saturday 22.10.2022 at 10:00 will be given by the architect.

© Dimitri Fache, USAGES


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Chaussée d'Alsemberg/Alsembergsesteenweg 1366
1180 Uccle/Ukkle

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