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hé! x Merel Hart


We’re Hanne (BE) and Renée (BE). Isabelle (FR) is our enthusiastic freelance employee. So, our office is a bilingual Brussels office were we speak Dutch and French. 90% of our projects are based in Brussels. Our first goal towards a more sustainable architecture is to not build. So, we will rather renovate than to construct. We’ll optimize existing spaces to improve the quality of living that there is no new construction needed. And if we do have to build, we will do it with regenerative materials (these are materials with a longer lifecycle: bio-based, geo-based or reused materials). The notions of subtlety, simplicity, repetition, and flexibility are always central in our projects. This to create easily adaptable, low-tech buildings. We want to show that building in renewable, raw and back to basic materials are no longer just for rural living, but they can also be applied to urban assignments.

Merel Hart is a freelance photographer. Her clients are mainly advertisement agencies and fashion designers, from Brussels and else where. Her personal work is about the adolescent years, how teens view themselves as well as others and how they manage the intensity of their emotion. It is composed of an ongoing series of semi-urban landscapes and portraits made in the studio as well as across Belgium.


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