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Dieleghem / Dielegem Abbey

Implementation: 11th century, the main remnant is the abbot's house dating from 1783 (now listed)

Dieleghem/Dielegem Abbey in Jette is one of the oldest in Brussels. The nearby land was worked by the monks and provided the timber and stone needed to build the complex. Traces of the quarrying can be seen today in the uneven topography of Bois du Laerbeek/Laarbeekbos, Poelbos and the northern part of Bois de Dieleghem/Dielegembos. 

The tour will focus mainly on the abbot's residence, now a listed building and the only remaining part of the abbey. The 'abbot's palace' was built using Dieleghem/Dielegem sandstone from one of the nearby quarries. The interiors and monumental decorations illustrate the wealth of what was once one of the most influential abbeys in the Brussels and Brabant region.

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Rue Jean Tiebackx/Jan Tiebackxstraat 14
1090 Jette

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