Program 2021

Guided tour / Flexibility

Two apartments

Team: MADAM architectuur

In this project, two 'friends' nestle together in the ridge of the roof of the old Veterinary School in Anderlecht – two identical, mirror-image apartments suspended from the existing roof structure. The light timber floor structures and steel girders are reminiscent of a tree house – a feeling reinforced by the playful shapes and colours of the bathrooms. The residents live on three floors, each having a small footprint and connected by elegant steel spiral staircases.

Brussels has countless spaces that are dismissed as unusable because they are too dark, small or hard to access. This project shows that such a space, the ridge of a roof, can actually be turned into a light, bright and contemporary home.

The Covid Safe Ticket applies.

© Tim Van de Velde


Address of the visit

Rue des Vétérinaires/Veeartsenstraat 45
1070 Anderlecht