Program 2022

Guided tour / geo-sourcing / bio-sourcing / Sélection des commissaires

Decoster 27 residence

Construction team: Sarah El yousefy and Luc Alègre de la Soujeole (architects) and MP instal (construction company)
Implementation: 2022

The Decoster project is the result of a close collaboration between four young owners, who together undertook a joint renovation with a focus on sustainability and architectural quality. Their collective venture is a modest response to current 'slumlording' practices.

In the building, visitors can see how unused spaces have been transformed and given a new lease of life. Bio-based materials have been used throughout the renovation, including recycled paper and flax straw for acoustic insulation, hemp for thermal insulation, and Brussels clay plaster as a wall finish. The result is an intimate and natural cocoon nestled in the hard heart of the city.

Important: The project is currently in progress. Please wear solid heavy soled shoes, boots or work shoes. Heels should be avoided.

This tour is not suitable for children, people with reduced mobility.

The visit on Sunday 23.10.2022 at 11:00 will be given by the architect.

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Rue Pierre Decoster/Pierre Decosterstraat 27
1190 Forest/Vorst

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