Program 2021

Guided tour / Flexibility / Comingtogether / Ownership


Team: Jozef Wouters; Menno Vandevelde

The Decoratelier, operating out of an old factory building in Molenbeek, initiates artistic projects and collaborations. The place is difficult to pigeonhole, being somewhere between an art project and an art gallery, a workshop and a nightclub, a theatre and a community centre. Most importantly, it creates a space for collaborative initiatives. The studio provides opportunities for artists, thinkers and craftspeople to set up projects together. This means that the Decoratelier's courtyard and studio spaces are always evolving, serving as an ever-changing backdrop to the work of a steadily expanding group of individuals.

The visit focuses on the Decoratelier itself, but the initiative is present elsewhere in the city too. You might pass their street furniture in the nearby Park Ninoofsepoort, or FLOW, the open-air swimming pool that the Decoratelier built with Brussels non-profit organisation POOL IS COOL in Anderlecht's Biestebroeck neighbourhood (see also "Brussels Beer Project Brewery".

The Covid Safe Ticket applies.

© Laura Van Severen


Address of the visit

Rue de Manchester/Manchesterstraat 17
1080 Molenbeek-Saint-Jean/Sint-Jans-Molenbeek

Practical informations

PRM access
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Photos allowed