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BC materials production facility

Construction team: BC architects & studies
Implementation: 2019

BC materials is a cooperative that transforms earth from city construction sites into circular clay building materials. It produces building materials for interior walls and floors in a carbon-neutral way and thus avoids the further depletion of natural resources.

BC materials' production facility is located on a temporary site in the Brussels Canal Zone. The designers wanted a simple, detachable and flexible system, with a view to future relocation and reconfiguration, so that building elements could be detached and reassembled at a different location without loss or waste.

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BC Materials © Sander Lambrix


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Meeting place

Enter at Avenue du port/Havenlaan 104, walk straight ahead, the visitor reception will be located at the entrance to BC Materials under the awning of the last building on the right.
Gebouw D

Address of the visit

Avenue du port/Havenlaan 104
1000 Bruxelles/Brussel

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