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Atelier Tiny Living

Atelier Tiny Living is a design and joinery studio in Anderlecht where founder Danny Schoemans builds high-quality Tiny Houses tailored to the personality of the client.
In addition, Schoemans offers space and guidance in the atelier to self-builders who design and build their own homes there, and trains trainees to become all-round joiners who master all facets of housing construction.

When designing a Tiny House, Schoemans helps his clients and self-builders to consciously choose what is really important and let go of the rest. Because you live happier when you are left with only the essentials.

It is a co-creative process involving meticulous thinking about the versatility of functions, the use of natural materials, the sustainability of construction techniques, and the future adaptability of the home.

The result is a strong architectural product that combines a small ecological footprint with a fine living experience and a consciously lighter life on a small foot.
During the tour, you will gain insights into the technical, functional, and aesthetic aspects of a Tiny House and have the opportunity to see a home under construction.

The visit will be led by :

  • Danny Schoemans, business manager of Atelier Tiny Living (NL - ENG)
  • 1 collaborator (NL - ENG)
  • 1 collaborator (FR - ENG)

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Boulevard Industriel/Industrielaan 16
1070 Anderlecht

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