Program 2022

Guided tour / geo-sourcing / bio-sourcing / urban-sourcing / Sélection des commissaires


Construction team: Twyce Architects and cOarchi
Implementation: in progress
be.exemplary 2018 winner

The Embassy is a large private project in Schaerbeek/Schaarbeek that makes extensive use of recovered building materials. Three valuable buildings – the former Spanish embassy, designed by the architect Michel Polak, an industrial building and a mansion – have been brought together into one cohousing project.  

The project illustrates the challenges of a sustainable construction process, reusing materials on site and making use of bio-based materials and clay plasters. Thanks in part to the close involvement of residents and the commitment of the architects, this versatile building has become an exemplary project of its kind.

Important: The project is currently in progress. Please wear solid heavy soled shoes, boots or work shoes. Heels should be avoided.

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Address of the visit

Rue Léopold Courouble/Léopold Couroublestraat 23-25
1030 Schaerbeek/Schaarbeek

  • Sélection des commissaires
  • Agency visit
  • New in town
  • Sustainable Architecture
  • Partner